9 inch White Sage Bundle
9 inch White Sage Bundle
9 inch White Sage Bundle

9 inch White Sage Bundle

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 The burning or smudging of sage is a spiritual practice used to purify, remove negative energies from any space or object and to restore balance.

- Hold the sage stick on one end and light the other 
- Allow the stick to burn for about a minute 
- Blow gently on the stick to put out the flame. Continue blowing until the stick starts             smoking.
- Hold your smudge stick in your hand and offer a prayer  and speak positive affirmations     into existence 
- Start be cleansing yourself by directing the smoke around your energy field visualising a bright white light.

- Purify areas around the home or elsewhere by walking around with the smudge stick in       hand, fanning the smoke 
- When done, simply out the sage by allowing the smoke to die on its own

SIZE: 9 inches