Rough Black  Tourmaline Crystal
Rough Black  Tourmaline Crystal
Rough Black  Tourmaline Crystal

Rough Black Tourmaline Crystal

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ORIGIN: Brazil

CHAKRA: The Base / Root 

Use & Purpose: 

Black Tourmaline is the most popular and powerful of the protective stones. It's a sharmanic stone that provides protection during ritual work and provides a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces. As well as shields against environmental pollutants, electromagnetic smog and radiation from cell phones, computers, and electronic equipment. 

Black tourmaline is also a powerful grounding stone providing a connection between Earth and the Human Spirit. It promotes a deep sense of power and confidence, excellent for meditation and healing. It strengthens the immune system, heart and adrenal glands and rids the body of heavy metals and pollutants.

Wear on your body to stay grounded, shielded, and protected. Place near electronic equipments in your home or work space to shield against dangerous electromagnetic radiation.

Each Stone had been charged, cleanse and smudged with sage and palo santo and pure love and positive intentions

*Each crystal is one of a kind and will vary slightly in colour and shape*


Sm: 12 g  - 20 g  

 Md: 21 g -30 g     

 Lg: 30 g - 50 g 

*Size: approx ¾’ to 2”


*Size: approx 1”-to 1 ½”